Head Porter ¤ A/W ’13 Collection

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For their latest campaign Head Porter stays true to their roots by creating clean, subdued apparel, while letting their accessories stand-out and be the focal point. They continue to use a wide array of fabrics including faux leopard and other furs, you can also find velvet and plaid on some of the smaller bags and accessories. The entire collection can be found on their web-shop and also in stores around Japan.

nanamica ¤ A/W ’13 “One Ocean, All Lands”

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Showcasing their A/W ’13 campaign, Japanese brand nanamica dive deep into their materials and pull heavy layered wool and Gore-Tex fabrics.  A subtle use of camouflage on the backpacks and shoulder bag make them perfectly pairable with the Gore-Tex camouflage cruiser jackets, or any of the other pieces from the collection. You can purchase the assortment on their website now, or at their brick & mortar locations around Japan.

XYZ Shoe by Earl Stewart

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I recently stumbled across a design article which featured these aesthetically designed, 3D printed shoes. The shoes are made by a multi-material printer and combines different densities of rubber and plastic, which fabricates a custom made shoe.  Not only does this give the shoe a great fit and contoured support, but it also is one the best designed, minimalist shoe that I’ve ever seen.  You can head to Earl Stewarts personal website to read more about it and keep up with all of his recent news and designs.


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Takahiro Miyashita has delivered yet another classic collection for his 8th season of TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloIst. A/W ’13.  The unisex range of clothing offers a wearable and very casual group with fresh color hues.  This campaign of clothes features a very clean aesthetic, with tailored trousers that complete the entire outfit and leave a terrific silhouette.  Enjoy the galleries and prepare for a release of the collection in the next few months.


Katie Eary ¤ A/W ’13

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As part of her continuous onslaught on the high-end streetwear scene, London based designer Katie Eary brings us another great collection.  Vibrant color hues take over this collections composition, which immediately bombards your thoughts on modern fashion.  The arrangement consists of everything from floral prints on trousers and heavy jackets, to a laced pant and quilted leather sleeves.  The campaign will begin releasing in the next few months, you can check stockists here.



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