“Spring Has Come” at THE PARK·ING GINZA

After initially opening their doors in March of 2016, Hiroshi Fujiwaras THE PARK·ING GINZA concept shop has thrived underneath the bustling streets of Tokyo in the Ginza district. Now that spring is approaching again, the shop has slightly remodeled the space. Keeping the framework of architect Nobuo Araki in place and sprucing up the overall aesthetic. The placement of artificial grass throughout the walkways and creating a indoor field allows the store to be much more welcoming than its local competitors. And, the overall idea of the space adds a great juxtaposition between the vibrant city above and the reticent space 2 floors below. As always, you can find a great mix of brands there from Denim by Vanquish & fragment, WTAPS, FPAR, Allege & a full line-up of PARK·ING Ginza pieces. Images: Eyescream

METAPHORE · S/S ’17 Lookbook

Brand Profile This Collection: The brand takes a bold stance this season, embroidering motivational statements on the shoulders of some t-shirts and ridding away with care tags. Now, on select places of the brands shirts, t-shirts, jackets and pants you can find the name of the garment, its composition and also its very simple care instructions. Technical details continue throughout this collection with the addition of invisible arm pockets, side slits where necessary and cotton/nylon mixed pieces. Overall, the collection is what you'll come to find with most contemporary clothing lines. But it's the subtle design additions that make METAPHORE stand out, whether technical or not. Shop this collection at stockists across Japan in the next few weeks.

DIGAWEL · S/S ’17 Collection

Brand Profile

This Collection: We see a much more defined approach to their brand identity. With cuts and proportions acutely androgynous; each outfit provides that linear, subdued aesthetic, popular among the young and price conscience. Shop the A/W '16 collection in stores now and stay tuned for a release of this collection soon.

Needles · S/S ’17 Collection

Brand Profile

Nepenthes founder and brand director for its umbrella brands, Keizo Shimizu, has produced another diversified collection for S/S '17. This Collection: For his S/S '17 collection, Keizo Shimizu interprets his Needles ideology into a multifaceted collection of influences, from around the world. Whether it be classic Americana garb, British sportswear and of course traditional Japanese staples. The fabric variety is always a grand mix of luxurious wool, silk and heavyweight denim. Which creates a overall richness to the entire campaign, especially within the womenswear, which drapes and flows gracefully.  

Juha · A/W ’16 Lookbook

After showcasing an impressive collection for S/S '16 last fall, Juha returns with a completely androgynous campaign for A/W '16.

Incorporation Date: 2014

Known For: Minimalist design features, paired with a utilitarian motif.

This Collection: The brand manages to stay on trend with this years development of androgynous collections, while incorporating their own brand identity. A majority of the jackets and pants have a wonderfully tailored oversized fit to them, allowing the outfits to create a bit of a story when paired together. They seemed to have strayed away from their utilitarian design lineaments and went with a completely stripped down approach this season. Which looks to have had benefits with this collection, allowing it to be adored by females and males alike.

tone · A/W ’16 Lookbook

The unweathered brand aims to bring you lifeless clothing that can be worn with a multitude of different styles.

Incorporation Date: 2013

Known For: Minimalist looks, paired with subtle color palates. A majority of the collections are devoted to knitwear, centered around the idea that a brand has to differentiate themselves when entering the playing field. So with their specialty in knitwear, the brand is able to create distinct patterns and variations of comfortable knitwear.

This Collection: There are more military inspired designs than previous collections; mixed in with cashmere sweaters and extra fine wool cardigans. The color palate remains the same as previous campaigns, aiming to keep it as neutral as possible, to allow the wearer to mix and match different pieces of different seasons. Shop the collection in stockists now across Japan.

yokosakamoto · S/S ’17 Lookbook

Designer: Yoko Sakamoto

Incorporation Date: 2013

Known For: Very relaxed fits, everything runs a bit oversized for an overall androgynous sentiment. The brand rose to prominence after 2014, when Yoko designed the bon bon bag. After that he was able to sustain the inventiveness within his collections and allow the brand to come into fruition under his specific direction.

This Collection: We find the same elements that are centered around the brands overall theme—androgynous, oversized and youthful. Yoko experimented with indigo from the Tokushima prefecture this season, adding bleach highlights to one sleeve and pant leg. Supima cotton was also heavily utilized, boosting the comfort level of each piece that seems to just drape over the wearer. View the full collection below and prepare for a release within the next few months.

TOGA VIRILLIS · S/S ’17 Campaign

Designer: Yasuko Furuta

Incorporation Date: 1997

Known For: Having studied in Paris at ESMOD fashion institute, Furuta is most notably known for her womenswear line, TOGA. So with her menswear line she will inject elements of femininity and history, creating a storytelling and androgynous collection.

This Collection: Inspiration takes many forms in this seasons design campaign; from Native American Totem poles, to Hawaiian Tikis and Bali Barongs. All of which are derived from ancient mythological symbols and idols, which help Furuta illustrate her curiosity on these subjects. Elemental to the main theme of the collection (and most of her campaigns) is the use of vintage aesthetics to help her convey a certain period of time. For this selection, the 1970's are heavily represented throughout, with the presence of high waisted trousers, flared shorts and pieces adorned with jeweled embellishments.



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